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DG MARE and JPI Oceans: Towards blue growth


DG MARE and JPI Oceans: Towards blue growth

The latest internal DG MARE briefing held on 26 October was dedicated to the Joint Programming Initiative Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans. Kathrine Angell-Hansen, Director of the secretariat of the JPI Oceans, was invited to give a presentation on the state of play of the joint programming process and answered to diverse questions from the public. She also demonstrated to what extent the JPI Oceans will contribute to the “Blue Growth strategy" that is currently being drafted by the European Commission.

JPI Oceans’s integrated approach seeks to contribute to maximise the value of the European maritime economy and to reach and maintain the good environment status of European seas and oceans. It will do so by providing the necessary knowledge base to implement the integrated maritime policy and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD). The synergies between JPI Oceans and DG MARE policy initiatives will mainly reside in the development of a research to policy mechanism to support the implementation of these policies and legislative initiatives, highlighted Angell-Hansen.

During the presentation Angell-Hansen highlighted the added value of JPI Oceans. A process towards the coordination of national research programmes started many years ago with integrated projects, coordinated support actions, ERA-NETS and finally public partnerships between the Commission and Members States. However, until now, projects have been short-term oriented and focused on specific topics or regional aspects. JPI Oceans will be a further substantial step forwards this process, complementary to “Horizon 2020” by offering a long-term perspective with high-level commitment in order to optimise the use of necessary human and financial resources.

DG MARE is currently drafting a “Blue Growth strategy” that will be presented in early 2012. This strategy will be “a new initiative which analyzes which research and development areas in the maritime domain are the most likely to produce results and jobs in the foreseeable future and deserve immediate attention and means,” said Commissioner for Maritime Affairs, Maria Damanaki, in June 2011. The “blue growth” concept is fully echoed in the vision document of the JPI Oceans adopted by the Management Board this year. DG MARE and JPI Oceans are expected to work in close cooperation to develop synergies in their respective activities and initiatives.

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