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JPI Oceans Annual Activities 2015


JPI Oceans Annual Activities 2015

An overview of the highlights of last year’s actions, projects, events and communication activities.

The ongoing  activities in different areas have shown considerable progress in 2015. The action on deep-sea mining conducted its research cruise in the Pacific, four projects on microplastics research have been selected for funding and the second phase of the action on the intercalibration for the EU Water Framework Directive was started.  In the meantime the operational plan for JPI Oceans activities came together with lead countries identified and  a new action launched  on the topic of munition in the sea.
In addition, the CSA Oceans project delivered several key deliverables which are used support the future activities of JPI Oceans. The Member Countries of JPI Oceans also decided to work in collaboration with the former Martec ERA-NET towards an ERA-NET Cofund on Marine and maritime technologies through Horizon 2020.  

The governance and network of JPI Oceans

Over the last year there have been several changes to the governance of JPI Oceans. Croatia formally joined JPI Oceans as a Member Country, a new Executive Committee was elected and  important progress was made towards the business plan and legal entity of JPI Oceans. JPI Oceans is also stepping up its dialogue at international level. At its Autumn meeting the Management Board  welcomed guests from the USA, Canada and New Zealand.
Communications and outreach
In collaboration with the CSA Oceans project, the first JPI Oceans conference was organized in Brussels.  The conference was a success with 175 participants from 29 countries. To prepare for the conference a new and updated brochure was created in addition fact sheets and posters of the four pilot actions
The report can be downloaded in PDF here

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