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JPI Oceans meets ESFRI Projects coordinators


JPI Oceans meets ESFRI Projects coordinators

JPI Oceans took part in a workshop organised by the European Commission on “ESFRI research Infrastructures and Joint Programming Initiatives in the field of Environmental Sciences” on 17 October. The issue is crucial for the JPI Oceans as one of its long-term objectives is to create a sustainable cost-effective marine data infrastructure to be useful for providing services, supporting models and knowledge-based policy-decisions.

Kathrine Angell-Hansen, director of the secretariat of JPI OCEANS highlighted the specific needs of marine research infrastructures, in particular the need for more and sustained infrastructure to observe and understand impact of human activities and climate change on the marine environment. She underlined that those infrastructures should cover ocean observation from data acquisition, data collection and management to data assembly and application. She highlighted important European Commission activities within this field, in particular The Expert Group on Marine Research Infrastructure and EMODNET.

The overall objective of the workshop was to develop synergies between ESFRI research Infrastructures, FP7 Integrating Project Activities ("I3" RI projects) and relevant Joint Programming (JPI). This event gathered coordinators of environmental sciences large scale research infrastructures projects and representatives of related Joint programming Initiatives (JPI Oceans, JPI Climate, FACCE, Urban Europe and Water Challenges.) A number of relevant project coordinators (EMSO, EURO-ARGO, IAGOS, ICOS, LIFEWATCH) were also present.

ESFRI roadmap identifies new pan-European Research Infrastructures or major up-grades to existing ones, corresponding to the need of European research communities in the next 10 to 20 years, regardless of possible location. In parallel, FP7 actions for research infrastructures pursue two objectives: helping to create new research infrastructures of pan-European interest by funding implementation phase of ESFRI project and optimising the use of those infrastructures, by funding integrating activities such as transnational access or networking activities.

This common JPI-ESFRI meeting was the first of this kind and allowed a better mutual understanding of both Joint programming processes and ESFRI projects state of play in order to set up a baseline for further cooperation. ESFRI projects coordinators and other Research Infrastructures coordinator called JPI coordinators, in a first step, to integrate existing infrastructures in the Strategic research agendas.

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