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JPI Oceans officially launched by the Council


JPI Oceans officially launched by the Council

On 6 December EU Research ministers officially launched JPI Oceans. In its conclusions, the Competitiveness Council emphasizes that JPI Oceans will contribute to the reduction of fragmentation of research efforts in Europe and invites the Commission to offer support in the implementation of the initiative.

The Council invites the Member States to develop a strategic research agenda identifying medium to long term research needs and objectives. These strategic research agendas should then be further developed towards a more concrete implementation plan establishing priorities and timelines and specifying the actions, instruments and resources required for its implementation.

Member states are invited to consider a number of actions as part of the implementation plan such as ensuring the coordination with the existing and future research schemes including ERA-Net and article 185 initiatives, other JPIs and ETPs, sharing of existing infrastructures, and identifying areas that would benefit from coordination.

The Council also specifies the role of the European Commission (EC) who is expected to act as a facilitator to support the JPIs. Furthermore the EC should offer support in the implementation of the JPIs while facilitating complementarity with other relevant programmes and initiatives, in particular the Framework Programme and the upcoming Horizon 2020 programme.

With this ultimate validation by the Council, JPI Oceans has reached a major milestone. The launch marked the start of the next phase for the initiative and the 16 countries who have stepped onboard.

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