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JPI Oceans welcomes Horizon 2020 proposal


JPI Oceans welcomes Horizon 2020 proposal

The European Commission presented on the 30th of November its proposal “Horizon 2020, the framework programme for research and innovation.” The new research funding programme 2014-2020 lists 6 Societal challenges on which funding will be focused, including “Food security, sustainable agriculture, marine and maritime research and the bio-economy.”

Horizon 2020 will focus resources on three priorities which corresponds to those of Europe 2020 and the Innovation Union: raising the level of excellence in Europe’s science base (“Excellent Science”, €24.6 billion), making Europe a more attractive location to invest in research and innovation (“Industrial Leadership”, €17.6 billion), and address major societal challenges (“Societal Challenges”, €31.7 billion).

The specific programme “Societal Challenges” that broadly corresponds to the current “cooperation specific programme” will cover activities from research to market with a new focus on innovation-related activities, such as piloting, demonstration, test-beds, and support for public procurement and market uptake.

Marine and maritime research, which cuts across a broad range of societal challenges (food, energy, transport, climate etc.) is also identified in the list of six societal challenges on which funding will focus on. This piece of the proposal of European Commission is crucial for JPI Oceans to allow a better identification of key seas and oceans scientific and technological challenges across Horizon 2020. The need to have an integrated approach to solve the Oceans Grand Challenge was emphasised in the JPI Oceans response to the consultation process of Horizon 2020 in May.

The European Commission proposal will be subject to negotiations with European Parliament and Council and is expected to be adopted by the end of 2013. One challenge for JPI OCEANS for this period will be to ensure a coordinated and complementary approach between Horizon 2020 and JPI Oceans activities.

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