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Norwegian report predicts six time increase in biomarine industries by 2050


Norwegian report predicts six time increase in biomarine industries by 2050

The Norwegian biomarine industry may increase six times from today’s 12 billion Euro to 75 billion Euro in 2050. These are estimates presented in a new report from a working group appointed by the Royal Norwegian Society of Sciences and Letters (DKNVS) and the Norwegian Academy of Technological Sciences (NTVA). In addition the report highlights the importance of international research cooperation.

The new report is a follow-up on a report from 1999 estimating a market value from Norwegian bio marine industry of about 10 billion Euro in 2010 – a prediction that hit the target quite well as the market value in 2010 reached around 11 billion Euro. ‘The report “Value creation based on productive oceans in 2050” presents an optimistic and visionary scenario and demonstrates that the full potentials from the utilization of the seas and oceans have not yet been realized’, says Christina Abildgaard, member of the working group preparing the report and member of the JPI Oceans Management Board. ‘It is needless to say’, she adds ‘that these scenarios also underpin how the blue economy can contribute to Europe 2020, the growth strategy which has been developed by the European Commission and the European flagship Initiative: Innovation Union.’

The report takes into account global trends like the increased need for food in general and the increased demand for seafood in particular. The foreseen growth relies to a large part on further development of today’s core business areas related to the seafood industry including feed production, supply industry and bio prospecting. The other part of the potential growth areas comes from development of new types of industries within aquaculture, the utilization of marine algae and increased harvest from highly productive ocean areas.

Call for international research cooperation

In the report it is acknowledged though that Norway is small country with limited resources.  Therefore the report stresses that knowledge created internationally will become of increasing importance for development of the marine sector in Norway. In addition, the challenges and goals that are covered in the report are not unique to Norway. There is a mutual interest throughout Europe to enhance the knowledge about the marine environment and thereby the potential for production from the seas and oceans. Therefore the report supports the view of JPI Oceans that the knowledge gaps and technological challenges are so wide that they cannot be addressed by any one country alone and require concerted effort at European level.

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