French “Ocean and seas program” presented in Brussels

On 19 April 2012 the French “Ocean and seas program” was presented to stakeholders and EU institutions at CLORA (Club des Organismes de Recherche Associés) Brussels. The “Oceans and seas program” was developed by the “French research alliance for environmental research” (AllEnvi) which ensures the French engagement in JPI Oceans. The presentation showed strong synergies between the ocean and seas programmes of AllEnvi and JPI Oceans.


JPI Oceans management board discusses the use of structural funds for marine research infrastructure

On 20 March the JPI Oceans Management Board consisting of representatives of the 17 participating countries convened in Copenhagen. A constructive meeting was held on which a first strategic discussion took place on the use of structural funds for marine research infrastructures.


Towards a global ecosystem of research infrastructures - ICRI 2012

On 21-23 March 2012, the ICRI 2012 conference, co-organised by the EU Presidency (Danish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Higher Education) and the European Commission, took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The conference highlighted the fact that interdisciplinary cooperation within Research Infrastructures (RI) at global level is crucial in order to face global societal challenges.


JPI Oceans secretariat welcomes two new staff members

The JPI Oceans secretariat is growing steadily with two new full time staff members joining the ranks: Florence Coroner, seconded to the secretariat from Ifremer and Szymon Sroda, employed by the Research Council of Norway.


Public consultation on European Commision’s Blue Growth initiative

Mid-March the European Commission launched a consultation on its Blue Growth initiative. The initiative is a long-term strategy to support growth in the maritime sector as a whole and builds on earlier policy initiatives to recognise the potential of marine resources.


JPI Oceans welcomes Lithuania as a new member

On Wednesday, the 29th of February Lithuania officially joined JPI Oceans nominating two members to the JPI Oceans Management Board.


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