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Science is Wonderful – and the Ocean is too!

The annual science fair organised by the European Commission, Science is Wonderful, kicked off with a burst of energy at the Egg in Brussels. The two-day event celebrating the best of European science drew thousands of visitors, including students, families, and other science enthusiasts. JPI Oceans supported the European Coalition for Ocean Education and Literacy (EU4Ocean) with its interactive workshops. 

Science is Wonderful – and the Ocean is too!

  • 29 April 2024

The EU4Ocean booth offered a series of hands-on activities designed to engage participants in learning about the ocean, the benefits it provides and the threats it faces, such as plastic pollution. From innovative games and quizzes about marine litter to educational displays on microplastics and the European Atlas of the Seas, the workshops captivated students of all ages, fostering a deeper appreciation for the ocean's role in our lives. 

Participants learnt about the Andromeda app, bridging the gap between science and society by enabling citizen scientists to actively contribute to marine research. This is done by collecting small plastic pieces at the beach, photographing them, and uploading the pictures to the app, which then counts and categorises the plastic fragments utilising artificial intelligence, contributing to a comprehensive dataset. Pupils also observed sand and various microplastics under the microscope in a workshop aiming to raise awareness on plastic pollution.  

In addition, the EU4Ocean Coalition provided supporting resources to teachers interested in incorporating ocean education into their classrooms by offering information on the European Blue Schools Network, and how schools can develop ocean-related projects and join a broader network of schools committed to promoting ocean literacy. 

For more information about EU4Ocean and the European Blue School network, visit this webpage:    


JPI Oceans displayed an art piece titled 'New Shades of Blue' by Filipa Bessa, who won the project competition of the JPI Oceans Photo and Art Award held on the occasion of our 10th anniversary.