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UNderwater robotics with multi-moDal communIcation and Network-Aided positioning system.


UNderwater robotics with multi-moDal communIcation and Network-Aided positioning system.




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€ 1,400,000


Jul 2021 - Jul 2024

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Joint Call

Project Abstract

UNDINA intends to improve connected underwater robotic technology by increasing the reliability of communication, networking, and positioning systems using deep integrations, mathematical modeling, and algorithmic methods. The partners will develop novel cognitive communication algorithms, and network-aided positioning methods by using modems that can seamlessly operate over tri-modes, i.e., through optics, acoustics, and magnetic induction, to ensure operational connectivity at a wide range of distances and environmental conditions.

To accomplish the project goals, reinforcement learning methods, validated numerical opto-acoustic inductive channel models, EvoLogic's Intelligent Networking Software (EvINS) Framework, and robot behavior frameworks will be used. Project outputs also include robot-agnostic communication and positioning solutions that enable reliable remote control and coordinated, cooperative, cost-efficient data transfer in complex marine environments. The UNDINA project will develop technologies for underwater wireless sensors networks that exhibit better scalability, maintainability, and environmental impact than current cabled and wireless underwater networks.



Dr Marie Bueie Holstad / Dr Beatrice Tomasi, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre AS , Norway



NORCE Norwegian Research Centre, Research institute, Norway

Fathom Robotics AS, Start-Up, Norway

ISEN Brest Yncréa Ouest, Research institute, France

IFREMER, Research institute, France

EvoLogics GmbH, SME, Germany

Notilo Plus, Start-Up, France

NTNU Norwegian University of Science and Technology, University, Norway

CELADON Sea Test Base, Other, France