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JPI Oceans Art & Photo Awards


JPI Oceans Art & Photo Awards

Celebrating its 10th anniversary JPI Oceans launches a photo and art competition, honouring our marine environment and the scientists working tirelessly to understand it.  
Update: The deadline for submissions was extended to 10 January - 17.00 CET. 
Art and photography are vital to close the emotional gap between society and our marine environment. With the Art & Photo Awards JPI Oceans wishes to bolster the role of both media in tackling the challenge of communicating about the environment covering most of our planet. Therefore we welcome entries addressing the three interconnected priority areas of JPI Oceans: Ocean Health, Ocean Productivity, and Ocean Stewardship & Governance.
The competition is organized in two categories: the open competition and the JPI Oceans projects competition. For each category a top three will be selected with the winner being awarded a prize of - €1000. The two runner-ups will each be awarded a prize of €500. The competition is open to all forms of photography and art. Participants can utilise any form of visual art or photography (e.g. microscopic) and other tools (such as Photoshop or paint and brush) to enhance their image in order to successfully convey their views. The awarded photos will receive a prominent place in the JPI Oceans office, will be communicated through all JPI Oceans communication media and used at external events. In collaboration with ECO Magazine, winning entries of the Photo and Art awards will be included in the upcoming Spring issue of the magazine and will have an extended feature on the ECO website.

Open competition:  

For the open competition, anyone is welcome to join with visual artwork. The only requirement is that the art needs to address or reference at least one of the three interconnected priority areas of JPI Oceans: Ocean Health, Ocean Productivity, and Ocean Stewardship & Governance in any way or form.

JPI Oceans project competition: 

For the JPI Oceans project competition, all participants from current or completed JPI Oceans projects are welcomed to enter their artwork.  The artwork can depict any of the activities which relate to the JPI Oceans project the participant is or was working on. 

Important dates

The competition is open from 29 October. The deadline for submissions has been extended to 10 January 17:00 CET. 

Enter now 

To enter your photo or artwork, go to our awards entry page. Read more about the terms and conditions here


The photos will be evaluated by a panel of three jury members based on the following criteria: 
  • Creativity and originality; 
  • Technical quality
  • Aesthetics and artistic realization; 
  • Relevance and potential impact



If you have questions or inquiries, you are welcome to contact Willem De Moor -  

JPI Oceans AISBL  •   Rue du Trône 4, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
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