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JPI Oceans at the European Maritime Day 2015


JPI Oceans at the European Maritime Day 2015

JPI Oceans co-hosted a workshop on marine science training at this year's European Maritime Day.

Photo: Steve Hall

Photo credit: Steve Hall

JPI Oceans took an active role in this year’s European Maritime Day in Greece, with attendance from the Management Board and secretariat. There was a particularly strong focus on innovation, growth and jobs over the two days, with members of the secretariat attending a number of workshops relevant to the activities of JPI Oceans.

JPI Oceans co-hosted a workshop with the European Marine Board and Euromarine on How Innovative Training can Support Blue Growth. Presenters from a number of organisations, including Pierpaolo Campostrini of the JPI Oceans Management Board and Tom Redd of the Secretariat, presented an analysis of the current state of marine science education and their visions for the future. In spite of its time slot, a large and enthusiastic audience gathered to take part in the discussions with a panel of experts from academia, the private sector and public policy. The output of the workshop will contribute to the discussions within the European Marine Boards Working Group on Marine Graduate Training.Photo credit: Steve Hall

Pierpaolo Campostrini also hosted a workshop on regional cooperation on maritime spatial planning, which is an area JPI Oceans plans to initiate an action in the coming year. This was the first European Maritime Day since the publication of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda which generated a good deal of interest from the wide variety of stakeholders. Several Members of the JPI Oceans Management Board were also present in other capacities.

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