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JPI Oceans launches project database


JPI Oceans launches project database

To keep you up to speed on the JPI Oceans actions and projects, a new database has been launched giving the latest information on the JPI activities. 

The number of actions in JPI Oceans has increased rapidly since the publication of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) in 2015.  As a result, JPI Oceans needed an improved system to track the activities and updates of its actions consistently. The newly developed database does so by categorizing the actions and projects according to the strategic areas of the Strategic Research Agenda and participating countries. Most importantly, a new search tool allows users to refine the list of actions based on their required criteria.  Another key feature of the search tool is that it allows the user to save a PDF document of the search results containing either the key information or the entire information of the actions and/or projects. This is specifically designed for all participating countries allowing a better overview of the actions each country is involved in.
The database was developed in the framework of the CSA Oceans 2, a Horizon 2020 coordination action which supports the implementation of JPI Oceans' Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda. 
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