Meeting JPI Oceans and European Commissioner Karmenu Vella | JPI OCEANS

Meeting JPI Oceans and European Commissioner Karmenu Vella


Meeting JPI Oceans and European Commissioner Karmenu Vella

On Friday 19 June Caron Montgomery, chair of the JPI Oceans Management Board together with Kathrine Angell-Hansen and Jacky Wood from the Secretariat met with Commissioner Vella, responsible for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.  

During the meeting they explained how JPI Oceans is acting as a coordinating and integrating strategic platform bringing together 20 participating countries to provide a long-term integrated approach to marine and maritime research and technology development in Europe. It represents in practice a way of accessing a very large multidisciplinary knowledge base for marine and maritime science and technology, being a partnership of its member countries at Ministerial/research funding level. 
Using the JPI Oceans pilot actions on deep sea mining and on microplastics in the marine environment it was illustrated how the initiative is already making an impact at international policy level and will contribute knowledge to underpin the debates on ocean governance, and inform the scientific basis for the implementation of key environmental and economic policies such as the Marine Strategic Framework Directive, Marine Spatial Planning  and the Commission's Blue Growth agenda. Better knowledge of the oceans role is vital in addressing the big societal challenges of food, energy and health.
The conversation further on focused on the importance of having long-term sustained observations and predictive capabilities on the global, regional and local scale and the need for open data sharing policies. The JPI Oceans chair also highlighted need  to collaborate in the development of new cost effective technologies and observation strategies that can help to understand how the marine ecosystem as a whole is changing in response to cumulative impacts, natural and manmade, and the implications this may have for blue growth and environmental stewardship.   Finally the representatives of JPI Oceans welcomed the good cooperation that the European Commission services have shown to and explored how this might be further strengthened.        

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