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Science-Policy Interface

High quality scientific information is needed to support evidence-based policy decisions. The challenge for the scientific community is to transfer reliable, robust and impartial evidence into complex policy arenas. In the context of JPI Oceans, science-policy has two meanings. Being driven by policy makers, JPI Oceans must ensure that all policy relevant scientific research carried out as part of a joint programming activity is effectively targeted towards and communicated to relevant policy mechanisms. Secondly, JPI Oceans is in a position to improve and add value to existing science-policy mechanisms.

Promote better and faster use of existing knowledge from different disciplines
Create better capacity of science-policy at European Level
Initiating specific actions in relation to the implementation of the MSFD
Stimulate Co-design of research programmes and science based policy at Pan-European Level
Signpost experts to relevant policy requirements
Raise awareness of ocean issues to stakeholders, policy makers and general public



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