JPI Oceans Annual Activities 2015

An overview of the highlights of last year’s actions, projects, events and communication activities.

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PLASTOX project presented at United Nations meeting

The project on ecotoxicological impacts of microplastics on marine organisms outlined its activities at the meeting which was held in the framework of the Informal Consultative Process on Oceans and the Law of the Sea.

Rich deep-sea fauna on polymetallic nodules targeted for mining

By highlighting the importance of nodules for the deep-sea biodiversity, scientists involved in the JPI Oceans pilot action on the ecological aspects of deep-sea mining call for criteria for designating preservation zones to be based on robust scientific knowledge.


How is science contributing to the governance of deep-sea resources?

That was the key question at the workshop organised by JPI Oceans at this year’s edition of the European Maritime Day in Turku. 

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