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Challenges of Contaminants of Emerging Concerns - World Water Week

JPI Oceans joins forces with Water JPI and JPI AntiMicrobial Resistance for World Water Week in Stockholm.

One of the most serious risks for freshwater and marine ecosystems and consequently human health derives from the occurrence of emerging contaminants and pathogens, especially antibiotic resistant bacteria, in the environment. 
To face this challenge in a comprehensive way and to provide multidisciplinary solutions for a safe and clean aquatic ecosystems (freshwater, groundwater, marine), three Joint Programming Initiatives (JPIs): Water JPI “Water Challenges for a Changing World”, JPI Oceans “Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans” and JPI AMR “On Antimicrobial Resistance” are jointly acting for strengthening the European Research Area (ERA) in the field of clean and healthy aquatic ecosystems and to leverage untapped potential in the collaboration between the freshwater, marine and health research areas. The three JPIs expect to launch a co-funded transnational and multi-disciplinary call for research and innovation proposals at the start of 2020.

The three JPIs, along with the Swedish Research Council, and Formas, are gathering experts to discuss the area of emerging contaminants and pathogens at World Water Week. The showcase will enable stakeholders and end-users to present their own challenges, influence and improve the objectives and strategies developed in the upcoming call in order to address the most urgent scientific challenges and priorities- in doing so, pave the way for the implementation of a more efficient Water policy.

World Water Week is the annual focal point for the globe's water issues. This year it will address the theme "water, ecosystems and human development".

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ICES annual science conference 2019

This conference will take place from 9 - 12 September in Gothenburg, Sweden. The call for abstracts is open untill 11 March.

More information on the different themes is available here.

JPI Oceans Management Board meeting

The 20th meeting of the JPI Oceans Management Board will take place in Madrid, Spain. 

The Management Board meets twice a year to discuss the ongoing activities of JPI Oceans and to plan for the future. Each member country is represented in the board.

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