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What is JPI Oceans?

JPI Oceans is an intergovernmental platform that strives to increase the impact of national investments in marine and maritime research and innovation.  

By joining forces, JPI Oceans focuses on long-term collaboration between EU Member States, Associated Countries and international partners. The platform provides its member countries with a shared voice, strategic agenda and action plan to address complex ocean-related societal challenges that cannot be solved at national level.

JPI Oceans adds to the value of national research and innovation investments by aligning national priorities and implementing joint actions.
This is achieved by:
  • planning and launching joint calls for transnational research and innovation projects
  • sharing research infrastructures and resources
  • enhancing science-policy cooperation with stakeholder involvement to translate science into policy
  • initiating new forms of collaboration between projects and scientists
  • strategic community building, disseminating and communicating research results to support their exploitation and facilitating mutual learning
In supporting research and innovation JPI Oceans is helping to ensure society has better knowledge of the seas and oceans, and the potential for sustainable blue growth and jobs whilst also addressing  the challenges of climate change and human impact on the ocean.

JPI Oceans is incorporated as an international nonprofit association (AISBL) under Belgian law since 2018.  

Actions and projects

An overview of all actions and projects initiated by JPI Oceans can be found here.  


The strategy of JPI Oceans is defined by its Strategic Framework 2021-2015, launched in March 2021.

Joint Programming?

Joint programming is a concept introduced by the European Commission in July 2008 and is one of the initiatives aimed at implementing the European Research Area (ERA). The concept intends to tackle the challenges that cannot be solved solely at national level and allows Member States and Associated Countries to participate in those joint programming initiatives where it seems useful for them.

The main objective is to increase the value of relevant national and EU R&D and infrastructure investments through a combined effort of jointly planning, implementing and evaluating national research programmes. Member States and Associated Countries are expected to coordinate national research activities in the broadest sense. The alignment of resources and the development of common research and innovation agendas  serve as a basis for long-term cooperation through which complementarities and synergies are exploited in order to tackle grand societal challenges.


JPI Oceans AISBL  •   Rue du Trône 4, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Tel. +32 (0)2 626 16 60   •     info@jpi-oceans.eu
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