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What is JPI Oceans?

The Joint Programming Initiative Healthy and Productive Seas and Oceans (JPI Oceans) is an intergovernmental platform, open to all EU Member States and Associated Countries and with the participation of international partners on actions of mutual interest. 

In its role as a coordination platform, JPI Oceans focuses on making better and more efficient use of national research budgets, which represent 88% of the research funding within Europe. One of JPI Oceans’ goals is to develop joint research programmes in which countries can be involved on a voluntary basis (variable geometry). Participating countries also decide what contribution to make: this may include institutional, project-related or new funding.

JPI Oceans aims to add value by:

  1. avoiding fragmentation and unnecessary duplication,
  2. planning common and flexible initiatives,
  3. facilitating cooperation and foresight, and
  4. establishing efficient mechanisms for interaction and knowledge transfer between the scientific community, industry & services, and policy makers at high level in order to solve the grand challenges more effectively.

JPI Oceans welcomes the opportunity and encourages working with non- EU Countries on research & policy initiatives in order to achieve its objectives and will actively seek out partnerships with non-EU Countries. 

JPI Oceans is incorporated as an international nonprofit association (AISBL) under Belgian law since 2018.  

The goals and objectives of JPI Oceans address the intersections between the marine environment, climate change and the maritime economy enabled by observations, infrastructure, technologies and human capacities.


  • Enable the advent of a knowledge based maritime economy, maximizing its value in a sustainable way
  • Ensure Good Environmental Status of the seas and optimize planning of activities in the marine space
  • Optimize the response to climate change and mitigate human impacts on the marine environment



The strategy of JPI Oceans is defined by its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) which was published in May 2015. The SRIA presents ten Strategic Areas, developed and agreed by JPI Oceans (with the support of CSA Oceans) as strategic priorities for marine and maritime research in Europe. The ten strategic areas are: 

  1. Exploring Deep Sea Resources
  2. Technology and Sensor Developments
  3. Science Support to Coastal and Maritime Planning and Management
  4. Linking Oceans, Human Health and Wellbeing
  5. Interdisciplinary Research for Good Environmental Status
  6. Observing, Modelling and Predicting Oceans State and Processes
  7. Climate Change Impact on Physical and Biological Ocean Processes
  8. Effects of Ocean Acidification on Marine Ecosystems
  9. Food Security and Safety Driving Innovation in a Changing World
  10. Use of Marine Biological Resources through Development and Application of Biotechnology

In addition to the Strategic Areas, three cross-cutting issues have been identified where JPI Oceans can add value in the European landscape. 

  1. Science-Policy Interface
  2. Human Capacity Building
  3. Infrastructures

An overview of all actions and projects initiated by JPI Oceans can be found here.  

Joint Programming?

Joint programming is a concept introduced by the European Commission in July 2008 and is one of the initiatives aimed at implementing the European Research Area (ERA). The concept intends to tackle the challenges that cannot be solved solely at national level and allows Member States and Associated Countries to participate in those joint programming initiatives where it seems useful for them.

The main objective is to increase the value of relevant national and EU R&D and infrastructure investments through a combined effort of jointly planning, implementing and evaluating national research programmes. Member States and Associated Countries are expected to coordinate national research activities in the broadest sense. The pooling of resources and the development of common research and innovation agendas  serve as a basis for long-term cooperation through which complementarities and synergies are exploited in order to tackle grand societal challenges.


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